Ardeshir Mehrdad


Ardeshir Mehrdad is a scholar and veteran political activist. A former editor of iran bulletin-Middle East Forum, he has written extensively, in Farsi and English, on the nature of political Islam and the structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Selected recent publications in English:

Squeezing Iran: Part 1, Trump’s project in the Middle East

Iran: Observation on the protests of December 2018: Part 2, Prospects and Pitfalls

Iran: Observations on the protests of December 2018: Part 1, the watershed moment

Trump and the Middle East: A talk with Ardeshir Mehrdad

Donald Trump’s foreign policy: the “logic of an illogical mind”

Iran: Democracy and the coming parliamentary elections

Political Islam, Part 3: How it effects society

Political Islam, class and capital. Part 2: Manifestation of centre-periphery crisis

Political Islam, class and capital Part 1: what are its common features? This article appeared originally in iran bulletin in 1993 and Critique. Un updated version was posted on Middleast4change.

Between Iraq’s colonialist and Islamist quagmire a ‘third way’ is hard but possible -2004