Behind Terror and Anti-Terror

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Defend Democracy Press

Stop discussing about the roots of terrorism, stop debating our policies in the Middle East (and all the Third World, but those are anyway not debated long ago), stop protesting the curtailing of civil liberties or the uncontrolled activities of the secret services, stop any self-critique in the West.

Now it is time for war. We are already at war. War against Islamists, if not against Islam itself. And we have to win this war. It is not the right time to discuss about freedoms and principles. It is time to fight. You want to demonstrate against policies leading to climatic change, like it happened recently in Paris? It is forbidden. Of course you have the right. It would be better to let governments take care of the survival of the planet. But if you insist, ok, you may demonstrate. But please, wait until the fight with terror is over!

But, of course, the war on terror will never end, it is not even meant to end. Except if we do something serious to uproot its causes.

This is the political atmosphere in Europe, in the aftermath of the terror attacks which made Brussels live, for one day, what half of the Middle East is living through most of the time, without provoking any … excessive emotion. But it is different when the unfortunate victims are Western Europeans!

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