Pakistan budget: Another disaster for the working class

Muhammad Khan Ahmedani
Socialist World

Once again the Pakistani government’s Budget proposal fails utterly to meet the needs of the masses. The proposal for 2016-2017 will further push up the prices of many essential items and bring more hardship for most people.Mohammad Khan Ahmedani

Meanwhile, the amount to be spent on defence will go up massively. A whopping 860 billion rupees (more than 8.2 billion US dollars) is allocated for defence – a 7.3% increase in total expenditure. In addition, this spending does not include military pensions for example.

The announcement of an increase in wages for public sector workers to 14,000 rupees ($135) per month is not enough, given the likely price hikes. Furthermore, this wage increase is never fully implemented in the public sector, let alone the private sector. The burden of the cost will of course will be transferred onto the heads of the working class.

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