In the Occupied Territories a kind of neo-colonial power structure has been forged around people who have abandoned the struggle for national liberation in order to carve out niche, privileged positions for themselves as underlings of the oppressing power, in this case Israel.PFLP ptrotest

The Palestinian Authority, head by Mahmoud Abbas, has steadily shed all pretences to stand for the liberation of the Palestinian people and the creation of a democratic, secular, progressive Palestine on the soil of what is now Israel and the occupied territories.

Indeed, the PA now acts as a kind of cat’s paw of the Israeli state, in particular through the mechanism of ‘security’ co-operation and co-ordination.  At the same time, Abbas and the PA continue to abandon key principles of the Palestinian movement, such as the right of return.  And they target sections of the Palestinian movement which continue to hold true to the original liberating principles of the resistance to Israeli oppression.

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