Struggle for a Democratic Socialism in the Middle East

Joseph Daher
Problematica/Alliance of Middle East Socialist

In this interview with the Iranian site,  Problematica,  Daher investigates issues such as the relationship between  socialism, secularism and democracy,  the Arab left experience,  the relationship between  neoliberalism and authoritarian states,  and the  Syrian crisis.

Problematica: How do you define “Left” and “Leftist Politics”? What are the main theoretical elements of a leftist politics?

Joseph Daher: In my opinion leftist or progressive politics are firstly based on the ideas of defending and encouraging the self-organization of the popular classes in the objectives of struggling for democracy, social justice, equality, secularism and challenging all forms of oppression. It is the combination of the defense of democratic and social rights.

In this perspective of progressive politics, I think it is also important to understand the concept of class as a set of social relations that emerge around capital accumulation and forms of labor, but with the need of avoiding an abstract and economistic understanding of what we mean by class. In other words, it is primordial for me that issues such as gender, age, national and ethnic origin, citizenship status, and so forth, are part of what constitutes class as a concrete social relation.

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