Women and the War in Yemen: Actors or Victims?

In most conflicts, women are grouped with children; they are categorized among the most vulnerable groups. This designation erases, in many cases, women who are engaged in the conflict, women who are actively relieving or caring for communities, or those who try to defy the war and go about their lives and activism regardless. In this audio documentary, host Mira Nabulsi digs deeper into life under conflict through the stories and voices of five Yemeni women, based in the cities of Sana’a and Aden. All of them are involved in women’s and grassroots activism. They talk about how they understand this war and how they view their role as Yemeni women politically and socially.

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Much thanks to:

Amal Abdul Rahman, co-founder the Mother of the Abductees Association.
Antelak Almutawakel, professor at Sana’a University and co-founder of the Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF) 
Arwa AlMuflehi,  engineer and an organizer with the women’s coordination committees at Aden’s Refinery Company    
Nisma Mansoor,  civil engineer and a field coordinator for “Women Peace Track Initiative
Wameedh Shaker, gender consultant and member of the Women Pact for Peace and Security

This story was produced in collaboration with the “Muslim Women and the Media” training institute at the University of California, Davis.

Host and contributor for Voices of the Middle East and North Africa (VOMENA) Mira Nabulsi is a Palestinian researcher and communications professional based in California. She is interested in social movements, politics, news, rhetoric, ICT, digital media, and language. She has contributed to Global Voices, Syria Deeply, Wired Citizenship: Youth Learning and Activism in the Middle East (edited by Dr. Linda Herrera), among other platforms and publications.

Featured image: Tawakkol Karman, a Yemeni human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, is interviewed recently by The Japan Times in Tokyo. | YOSHIAKI MIURA

Posted on Jadalyya February 9 2019

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