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Provide a forum for interchange of news, research and analysis on issues faced by the working class, the dispossessed and marginalised, the disenfranchised sections of society (women, ethnic, religious, sexual and national minorities); those fighting to gain their democratic and human rights and for a more egalitarian society.

The focus will be to understand the dynamics of the ongoing changes faced by majority of the working people in the face of mounting onslaught by global capital on their livelihood.
It will also report on, and seek to analyse, the various attempt to overcome this onslaught in the battle for a more just and equal society – the clash and conflict between labour and capital.
It will address these issues from a predominantly socialist viewpoint, and as a critique of reactionary-utopian solutions, including religious ones. It will therefore aim at real evidence-based news, research and analyses.

Geographic zone

The site will be mainly directed at struggles of people in West Asia (Middle East) and the countries on the southern Mediterranean.

However news and analysis from struggles in other areas which we cheapwatchesreplica believe will shed light on what is happening elsewhere will be included.

We begin with articles in English and Farsi. We will extend the remit as our ability improves (Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Hebrew …).


This is a totally independent site unattached in any way to any political group, party or organisation.

All views expressed on our blogs are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors.