Iranian writers Association and PEN protest at imprisonment of writers and repression in Iran.

The protest by the Iranian Writers Association in Exile and Iranian PEN Association in Exile against the arrest and long prison sentence by the Islamic Republic on three writers: Baktash Abtin, Reza Khandan-Mahabadi, and Keyvan Bazhan ostensibly for for “spreading propaganda against the system” and for “assembly and collusion against national security” has received huge support within and outside the country.

The sentences against the three writers has been followed by arrest and interrogation of a large number of writers, journalists and poets over the last few weeks.

These include: Arash Ganji, Giti Fazelpur, Arman Esmaili, Shabnam Ashuri, Eluar Qoliband, Neda Pir-Khazra’ian, Arash Jowhari, Andisheh Sadri, Mina Rad, Khosrow Sadeqi Borujeni among others.

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For full text of the Statement and the list of signatures (in Farsi):

Feature image: Three Prominent Iranian Writers (Baktash Abtin, Keyvan Bajan and Reza Khandan Mahabadi) Are Sentenced to a Total of 18 Years in Prison (Zamaneh Media)

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