What Is The Kurdish Calculation In Rojava?

Fehim Taştekin interviews Eldar Halill

The US Department of State and the Pentagon had given certain warnings to the YPG, in an attempt to appease Turkey’s anger and to keep the Kurds from moving toward the Russians while also preventing the destruction of the so-called ‘moderate’ American proxies.

The US were saying that the YPG should not fight with groups supported by the West and Gulf powers, that they should return the places they captured around Azaz, that they should stop collaborating with the Russians and that of course they should not expect support for autonomy from the Americans!

What was the response of these warnings from the Kurds?

I put these questions to Eldar Halil, a member of the executive committee of TEV-DEM, and Zuhat Kobane, a representative of the PYD in Europe – two key names in the movement for autonomy in Rojava. Both think that the warnings were designed more to placate Turkey. This is to say that there is no immediate place for worry on the Kurdish front but there is also no room for letting down one’s guard.

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