The Global disorder of Capital

Alain Badiou translated by Yassamine Mather
Weekly Worker

Alain Badiou discusses the consequences of neoliberal capital’s disastrous policies worldwide and what he calls new imperial practices. He writes: … We need to define these new imperial practices…. The issue is the difference in the form of imperial intervention. The question remains what to do to protect ‘our interests’ in distant lands?

….in certain geographical areas filled with dormant riches, we can create free, anarchic zones, where there is no state… but business can still continue, and even better than before… It is not true that the lawlessness and unimaginable cruelties that accompany such situations are necessarily in formal contradiction to the structure of the world as it is today.

… there has been talk of crushing Daesh, but in reality, so far, nothing really serious has been done, except by the Kurds who live in the region. For many countries the issue is not that important. After all, Daesh is a market power, a competent and multifaceted business enterprise! It sells oil and works of art, it sells a lot of cotton, it is a big cotton-producing power. The group sells a lot to everyone, because to sell something it takes two: this is not just Daesh, but those who trade with it.

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