Turkey after the failed coup: Defend democratic rights!

Joint Statement of Dördüncü Blok (Turkey) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT/DKUE), 16.7.2016.

After the coup-attempt by part of the Turkish military was defeated in the streets of Istanbul, revolutionaries should remain alert. We should not allow this failed coup-attempt to be used by the reactionary Erdoğan government to further undermine democratic rights. However, this attempted coup was not some political theatre concocted by Erdoğan to justify his further undermining of democratic rights, but was rather a real attempt which was stopped with the blood of the masses.

It appears that nearly all the great powers were open to supporting a successful coup. They didn’t say anything negative about the coup until it was clear that it has been defeated in the streets. After the coup they had to speak out against it, because they still want to have influence over the Turkish government. The fact that the Syrian army loyal to Assad applauded the coup-attempt in Turkey demonstrates yet again the reactionary nature of the Assad regime.

We stress that our position in the statement we issued while the coup attempt was still going on is absolutely correct. During the night between from the 15th and 16th of July we stated: “In order to defeat the military coup we need mass actions of the workers and poor! (…)  They station the soldier in our streets and neighborhoods, let’s show them that this was a big mistake!” (See RCIT and DB: Turkey: Defeat the Coup in the Streets! No Political Support for AKP/Erdogan! But the Main Enemy is the Army Command, backed by the Great Powers! http://www.thecommunists.net/worldwide/africa-and-middle-east/defeat-the-coup-in-turkey/) This is exactly what happened. The coup was defeated by the masses of the poor urban population in Istanbul and Ankara. While many of those who took to the streets are supporters of Erdoğan and many had religious motivation we need to say unequivocally: they were on the right side of the barricades and in their heroic opposition to the coup we were together with them.

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