Two Gravediggers – Poem

Majid Nafici

Majid Nafici

Majid Nafici

The day is sunny
After much rain.
I run on Venice beach
And know that
Another storm is coming.

At the pier
Water has clogged the tunnel.
I want to turn back
But hear someone say in English:
“Do me a favor.”
I jog in place and ask:

“What can I do for you?”
He raises his shovel,
Smiles and says in Persian:
“Are you Iranian?”
Then he shows me some empty gunny sacks.
I open one and say:
“Only one!
I just warmed up.”
I know that he fears the flood
And wants to barricade his home
Behind bags of sand.
He says:
“You live at Venice Beach–
Oblivious to life in the Valley.”

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